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I am really struggling with Foundation and its limitations. In the past I have used enterprise which is much easier!

My problem is that I need to create a document library which will hold expenditure request forms. I have created a form template in Word 2007 as it holds the server properties and can populate the list columns. I need a workflow that will kick off once a file is uploaded to the list and email the first approver. Once they have approved it i will be using a second workflow to go to the next approval level etc. My main problem is i have never had to create a workflow before!

I managed to create stage one but it will not initiate automatically. I cant find any tutorials on the web and I have looked everywhere I can think of.

Thing is am I going about the whole thing correctly or should I be using a form library and an infopath form? If i went down that route do people need infopath to be able to complete the form or will it open on any machine?

So I guess in summery my questions are:

  • Which is the best library type and template type for this kind of document?
  • How do i get a workflow to initiate automatically?
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I assume you created the Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2010. In such case, every workflow, on the Workflow Page have an Workflow Settings page (see here but you could also use direclty SPD to change the way the workflow launches: Manually, Upon Item Creation or Item Update (

Besides, it is also important to decide how your workflow is attached, it could be a LIST Workflow - directly attaches to a list, or Reusable (attaches to a Content Types, e.g. All DOcuments), or Site Workflow (more complicated, not suitable for you).

Generally, start here for a quick reference on various activities

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Thanks I shall have a look through the links. Yes it is created in Designer 2010 and I have done it as a list workflow. – Janna North Feb 12 '13 at 11:27

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