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I would like for the entire search results (stuff that appears after i type in a keyword and hit search) to appear in a new page. So far I haven't been able to get it to work correctly.

The only thing that I found so far is to replace the default search box with my own

    <table width="100%" style="float:right"><tr>
        <td width="99%"></td>
        <td  nowrap="nowrap">
        <input name="search" id="search" type="text" value ="Type keyword to search"/>
        <Button class="btn_search" type="submit" style="background:clear" OnClick="'http://plspf/sites/SearchCenter/Results.aspx?k='+search.value);return false;">
        <img alt="Search" border="0" height="16" src="/_layouts/images/search32x32.png" class="style1" /></Button>
        </td>                                     <td>


This works but eliminates the ability of the user to select scopes or change anything. Is there a way to achieve the same result without modifying the master page?

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Were you able to resolve? – David Jun 6 '13 at 19:52

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