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i need to find all share point users login status. basically i need to create the basic live web chat (like Facebook chat) program with integrate with SharePoint users. so i need to display all SharePoint users login status and how many users in online.

how do i find all SharePoint users login status programmatically.

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There is no out of the box solution for this thing. Microsoft is offering server based solutions not related to sharepoint at all. Look for Microsoft Lync 2013

If installed and configured the precense of the user will lit up next to the people information of documents or contact webparts. Not excactly what you asked for but a highly professional solution (with a lot of cost and extra licenses attached to it).

Nothingbutsharepoint has a great overview of possible solutions for SharePoint 2010:

The most practical approch would be to integrate a third party solution. I did a little web search for you on

If you are able to integrate some javascript it might be possible to use something like SignalR from Microsoft. Check out Scott Hanselmans blog post:

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