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First time here. It looks like you folks have a great handle on SharePoint. I hope you can help: 1. I have a 2 server system WFE (DC) also handles search and query and LDAP. SharePoint 2007 MOSS SP2. Second server SQL 2005. Both server are running server 2003.

  1. A week ago I had a hard drive failure on a secondary drive (D) on the WFE. The drive housed the SSP (SharedServices1) index among a couple of other items. The drive data was recovered to a new partition (D) on a new WFE Primary drive.

  2. Although (at first) all systems seemed to work perfectly. Within a couple of days it was noticed that search was broken.

  3. I have been trying (to no avail) to restore the proper functioning of the search function. However, I seem to be at my capability limits. a. I am able to see all the content sources through Search Administration. b. I have reset all the initial crawled content c. All DB Tables are listed as Ready d. Each time I attempt to start a full crawl.. It identifies it is in "full crawl" mode and as I refresh after a couple of seconds it reads "Idle" e. No crawl logs are generated. And, no results are returned.

  4. It appears that I am having a permissioning issue. With this in mind I have: a. Added permissions (full control) to the new share and for OSearch on Component services (Launch and Activation): i. Local Admins Ii. WSS_Admin_WPG and WSS_WPG Iii. I've recycled all the services, i.e., Timer, Search and Administration /iisreset and finally rebooted many times. Iv. I am able to reach http://:56737/SharedServices1/search/SearchAdmin.asmx WebServices page Iv. However, I cannot reach the http://:56737/SearchAdmin.asmx site and continually get a 401 error. A proposed solution was to modify the root web.config containin an incorrect reference to the authorized user, i.e. ".\WSS_Admin_WPG". Upon substituting for the "." I am able to gain access. However, the file is restored each time the timer runs. I have been unable to find the source of the issue. Perhaps this would solve the issues but at this time I am stumped.

  5. I have been at this for MANY days without resolution. I wonder if anyone here can shed some light on another angle. I fear that I am too close to the problem and cannot see the forest for the weeds.

  6. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help, Gus

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