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I have a default custom list with 3 values:
- Title
- Description

What I'm trying to do is fill the Title with a name, fill the description with text and automatically create a page with the title: eg.'title I set when I add an item'

Well everything works with an event receiver except one thing. The value in title links to a default display form and my value in the URL column links to the site I wanted to link the title column to.

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I propose this solution:

  1. Create calculated column.
  2. Insert following formula -
    ="<a href='"&UrlFieldName&"'>"&Title&"</a>"

  3. Set "data type returned from this formula is" to integer.

As a result on list view you will see the title with link to your url.

UPD: It seems that URL field is not valid for calculated column, as workaround you can copy url value in a receiver into the another text field, which is not shown on the view.

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Thank you! That solved my problem. – Fabian Blom Feb 6 '13 at 12:43
What do you mean by "you can copy url value in a receiver into the another text field"? – Mariusz Ignatowicz Sep 18 '13 at 14:42

Great solution, but your formula doesn't work for me. Correct formula is: =CONCATENATE(""&[Title]&"")

I've tried it a lot of times, with various of formulas from this or other sites, but it takes me only one long string with URL + Title. But with this correct formula it works!

No coding, no scripts :)
I use SharePoint 2013 Online

Thank you, Kai, great solution!

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