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I want to create custom sequential document approval work flow and then have some more functionality to add to it once its all done, i have did a little research and it seems like i would need to create a form which the approval will fill to approve or reject a document when uploaded to the doc lib. Can i use an out of box approval workflow with this custom workflow. so i have to create a custom form for it. If so can any one provide a link to such a article.

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If my memory serves me right the SharePoint 2007 SDK had as one of its samples, the Out of the Box Approval workflow which would be a great start for your project!

If you look at the description of the v1.2 version of the SDK you will see the item Approval Workflow Sample.

•Workflow Samples

◦ Custom Workflow Report Query Generator

◦ Custom Workflow Report XLSX Injector

◦ Visual Studio Workflow Templates

◦ Enterprise Content Management Workflow Activities

◦ List Item Activities

◦ Hello World Sequential Workflow

◦ State Based Approval Workflow

◦ Modification Workflow

◦ Replication and Contact Selector Workflow

◦ Intersystem Purchase Order

◦ Confidential Approval Workflow

◦ Group Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow Sample

◦ Multi-Stage Workflow

◦ Server-side Collect Signatures Workflow

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