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In Sharepoint 2010 it is possible to export list into excel sheet format, but is it possible to edit list and then export it back to same Sharepoint list?

For example:

1) Sharepoint list (lets say MySharepointList) --> exporting to Excel 2) Make some changes in the Excel sheet. 3) Export changed excel list back to Sharepoint list (i.e MySharepointList).

My purpose, is to use Excel sheet for editing. Because sometimes when there are many columns and we need to edit only one , in Sharepoint we are bound to open whole row for editing. i.e. we cannot click in a column and edit directly in a list.

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You can't sync back again, not OOTB. There is a plugin from Microsoft, but then you need to create the list from Excel, and if I remember correctly all fields will be strings. There is an blog post on on how to use it. What about using DataSheet View, Access or SharePoint Workspaces?

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Datasheet view and access solved my problem. – Rohita Khatiwada Feb 4 '13 at 20:30

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