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I want to modify this codeplex solution http://datetimebyminute.codeplex.com/. Right now the custom field defaults to the date when we add the column to the list when we open the new form.aspx. I want to deafult to todays date when newform.aspx is opened.

Thanks, Has.

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It is worth mentioning that the codeplex project mentioned is a custom SharePoint field control. –  SPDoctor Jan 27 '13 at 9:42

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datetimebyminute uses sharepoint standard DataTimeControl. DateTimeControl has property named SelectedDate. Below is a code to set current date in this Control

dtControl.SelectedDate = DateTime.Today.Date;
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Refer the below code for SharePoint DateTime field:

DateTime Control:

<sharepoint:datetimecontrol ID="dtDateTime" runat="server" IsValid="true" IsRequiredField="true" ></sharepoint:datetimecontrol>

c# code:

dtDateTime.SelectedDate = System.DateTime.Now
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