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I want implement chat in SharePoint 2010

I need to develop the chat application in SharePoint 2010.
I need the Steps for Development and my requirement is that users should able to chat with each other

How can I achieve this scenario?

Please explain step by step.

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There are several options, some of them are discussed here:
Instant Messaging options in SharePoint 2010

Most favourable is integrating Lync Server with SharePoint, if you want information about Microsoft Lync and its integration with SharePoint 2010
Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit——SharePoint Integration

OrbitOne provides Lync Presence and Chat Widget, with some work you can integrate this in SharePoint...

And this article talks about SharePoint 2010 and Lync integration features

Another more information about Lync and SharePoint integration for your reference.

One that consumes Windows Live Id's [MSN] is shown here:
How to Implement Live Chat in Sharepoint

One of the codeplex project SharePoint Chat

There are some third party paid Chatting features available as:
Lightning Chat Web Part
Micro Blog/Chat Web Part
SPP iChat

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You can also checkout SharePoint Messenger on codeplex.

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