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I have a problem. I want to add Custom action on a Sharepoint Edit form. This must be FlyoutAnchor and i want generate his content dynamically. I'm adding them throuh ClientContext object model(using C#). This is my code(part omitted):

string format = 
        @"<CommandUIExtension xmlns="""">" +
            "<CommandUIDefinitions>" +
                "<CommandUIDefinition Location=\"Ribbon.ListForm.Edit.Actions.Controls._children\">" +
                    "<FlyoutAnchor  Id=\"COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.WithPageComponent.PCNotificationGroup.Dropdown\" Sequence=\"10\" " +
                        " LabelText=\"My layuout\" Alt=\"Sample Flyout\" TemplateAlias=\"o1\" PopulateDynamically=\"true\" PopulateOnlyOnce=\"true\" PopulateQueryCommand=\"COB.PageComponent.Command.PopulateDropDown\" />" +                                
                "</CommandUIDefinition>" +
            "</CommandUIDefinitions>" +
            "<CommandUIHandlers>" +
                "<CommandUIHandler Command=\"Sample.ButtonCommand.Command\" CommandAction=\"javascript:debugger;HelloRibbon(arguments);\" />" +
                "<CommandUIHandler Command=\"COB.PageComponent.Command.PopulateDropDown\" CommandAction=\"javascript:PopulateDropDown.apply(this, arguments);\" />" +
            "</CommandUIHandlers>" +
ClientContext context = new ClientContext(TargetUrl);
var site = context.Site;
var populate = site.UserCustomActions.Add();
populate.Title = "PopulateDropDown";
populate.Location = "ScriptLink";
populate.ScriptBlock = // TODO 
context.Load(list, oList => oList.UserCustomActions);

but I don't know what to write in TODO string. For simple button action, I can write

function HelloRibbon(a){alert(a);}

And it will be call. In that article i founded sample code, in "2. JavaScript page component" section there is code that generate menu items dynamically. But i don't know how i must adapt this code to ClientContext object model. Thanks for help.

share|improve this question There I find the same example. But there author register population function as a page component. I'm try to do this. But when my page loaded i see error in javascript console "Uncaught ReferenceError: CUI is not defined ". It is on call COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.registerClass(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageC‌​omponent\', CUI.Page.PageComponent);. What is wrong? – Popov Sergei Jan 25 '13 at 15:00
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solved in that thread

Registering pageComponent using ClientObjectModel

this code work

        "ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded ( function () {" +
        "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.registerClass(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent\', CUI.Page.PageComponent);" +
        "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.instance = new COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent();" +
        "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initialize()"" }, \"CUI.js\" );";
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