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I am loading an image into a <div> tag from an image library. I want to to refresh this <div> tag every 10sec so that new images uploaded can be seen.

Is there any good solution?

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@abhik: Use the backtick character if you want to show HTML tags in your posts (check the formatting reference when you write your question). Thanks for joining SharePoint Overflow! – Alex Angas Sep 26 '10 at 23:40

Here is what I suggest

  1. Make you webpart ajax based i.e. put that inside a Update Panel.
  2. Use the Timer control that can initiate a post back and on onload you can update your image property.

more on timer control here: more on update panel with timer control:

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I am not sure how this differs from your image rotator question. I'll provide the same suggestion, a pure JavaScript (no jQuery) solution:

It only works for authenticated users. For anonymous access, you'd need to use a different data source.

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