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I have List A which has all information.

List B has Col 1 that looks up one of the List A's columns. Col 2 is a Calculated column that want to use Col 1 but SharePoint is not able to see Col 1 because it's a Lookup column?

In the Calculated column; 1) Are we able to use a column from another list? 2) Is there anyway we could use a Lookup column?

Thank you guys!

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2 Answers

Lookup columns cannot be used as input in calculated columns in the browser interface. If you have SharePoint Enterprise, you can use InfoPath to edit the list form and populate Col 2. In InfoPath you have a much bigger toolset at your convenience.

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Another alternative would be to use a Sharepoint Designer workflow on item creation and edit that calculates the desired information and updates a column (single line of text) with the information.

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