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foreach (SPListItem news in items)

    TextBoxContents.Text = news["Contents"].ToString();
                            TextBoxContents.MaxLength = 10;


Setting textboxcontents to show max 10 characters is not working why?

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This property is applicable only when the TextMode property is set to TextBoxMode.SingleLine or TextBoxMode.Password.

see full description here.

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according to msdn:

// Set the maximum characters a user can manually type 
// into the TextBox.
myTextBox.MaxLength = 500;
myTextBox.MinLines = 1;

// Set the maximum number of lines the TextBox will expand to  
// accomidate text. Note: This does not constrain the amount of  
// text that can be typed. To do that, use the MaxLength property.
myTextBox.MaxLines = 5;

I thnk the trick is to make the textbox multiline, but dont take my word on it ;)


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