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When I hide the list using

list.Hidden = true;

It's hidden from the Quick Launch and it's also hidden from the Sharepoint Designer.

I'm rather interested in a useful feature for lists in Sharepoint Designer called "Hide from browser". Can this option be set from code?

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Actually via SharePoint Designer you do have an option to "show" again the list. The operation you mentioned, performed via code, does exactly that!

How to open hidden list and un-hide it in Designer:

1) Open SharePoint designer 2010.

2) Click the “All Files” folder at the bottom in left pane.

3) Right click your hidden list from “All Files -> Lists” folder and choose property.

4) Now you have your hidden list open in SPD.

5) In List settings-> General Settings: Un-check the “Hide from browser” and save.

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What I want to achieve is the opposite: is there a code equivalent to Designer's "Hide from browser" that works exactly like the Designer option? –  Marius Kay Jan 21 '13 at 10:12
You mean that setting "Hidden" to False (followed by a call to Update), doesn't show up again?? –  C. Marius - MVP Jan 21 '13 at 10:13

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