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I am using Powershell to iterate through items in a document library and when I am running the ISE debugger there are no items in my list. I can see that the list is recognized, but I do not see any items.

Here's what I am attempting:

$site = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("https://site")
$web = $site.OpenWeb()
$docLib = $web.GetList("https://site/docs") 

# $docLib.Items is blank
$items = $docLib.Items

Any ideas? Thank you!

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When I use SPWeb.GetList() I use a relative path like:

$docLib = $web.GetList("/Web/Lists/ListName")

If the actual path to the library is https://site/docs then try:

$docLib = $web.GetList("/docs")
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Try this:

$docLib = Get-SPList -URL "https://site" -Title "DocLib Title"
$items = $docLib.Items
foreach ($item in $items)
 write-host $item.Name
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$list.Items | foreach-object { $_.Name }
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