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All I am trying to do is copy a SharePoint Web (i.e: http://sp2010/hr) to (i.e: http://sp2013/hr).

I was able to export using:

Export-SPWeb http://sp2010/hr –Path "hrexport.cmp"

But when I try to import it on SharePoint 2013 it doesn't seem to work:

Import-SPWeb http://sp2013/hr –Path hrexport.cmp –UpdateVersions Overwrite

Is this even allowed? How would you do it if you only had to do like 5 SharePoint Webs? Would you restore the entire farm into a testing environment/upgrade in place and then export and import into production?

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In addition to answer below, you can also use tool to import and export number of sharepoint contents like site collections in your case :) – Muhammad Raja Jan 16 '13 at 23:13
Another option is to go with a third-party tool, something like ShareGate – Rob Windsor Aug 18 '13 at 13:48



Export-SPWeb -Identity http://sp2010/hr  -Path c:\\backup\backUp.dat


Import-SPWeb -Identity http://sp2013/hr  -Path c:\\backup\backUp.dat -Force

(in this instance force is required ;) )

Hope it helps :)

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