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The SharePoint Object Model provides a property of an SPListItem called SPListItem.ModerationInformation.Status to allow you to determine the current content approval / moderation status if a document library has content approval enabled. The property ModerationInformation is an instance of the class SPModerationInformation and Status is an instance of the enum SPModerationStatusType.

How can I work with these objects / properties from the Client Side Object Model? The client side ListItem does not contain the ModerationInformation property like its server-side counter part.

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Even though the CSOM ListItem class does not have a ModerationInformation property, I was able to access this value through the field's internal name:

ListItem item = file.Item;

int status = Convert.ToInt32(item["_ModerationStatus"]);

And the enum is defined as:

public enum SPModerationStatusType
    Approved, //0
    Denied,   //1
    Pending,  //2
    Draft,    //3
    Scheduled //4

This got me where I needed to be.

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