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As title says, I have added a Site Column to an extisting Site Content Type. When looking at an item (it happens to be a page) that is of that content type, I can't see the new field. By 'looking at', I'm checking through the OOTB 'View Properties' dialog.

Any idea why this content type may not be updating?

Is there a timer job that is responsible for this?

Note: This site does not use a content type hub of any sort.

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You would need to do SPContentType.Update(true) or go to site content type and select your content type -> Advanced Setttings and select 'update all content types inheriting' and click OK.

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Removed and added through PowerShell - still don't understand why it wasn't working:

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Did you check if the Site Column in the Content Type is set to hidden? That would explain why it's not visible in forms.

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