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When using managed metadata, how can I find out, if a term is used (and if possible, how often it is used), without iterating all sites and lists/libraries on the sites?

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So, this is my own approach, it is iterating the site collections, but not their contents. It just checks the TaxonomyHiddenList for the terms it contains.

But if someone has a better idea, I would happily accept it :)

$usedTerms = @{}
Get-SPSite -Limit All | foreach {
    $web = $_.OpenWeb()
    $list = $web.Lists | where { $_.Title -eq "TaxonomyHiddenList" }
    $list.Items | foreach {
        if ($_ -ne $null)
            $key = ($_["Path"] + " (" + $_["IdForTerm"] + ")")
            if ($usedTerms.ContainsKey($key))
                $usedTerms[$key] = ($usedTerms[$key] + ", " + $web.Url)
                $usedTerms.Add($key, $web.Url)

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