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How can I use a custom welcomepage (Home.aspx) on every subsite I create? When I select the Welcomepage in Site Settings I get an Welcome page invalid error.

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Mostly the navigation, left/top and content on MasterPage are the things you want remain same on the sub-sites as well.. But the content of the homepage should differ from that of parent site, it should show the details related to your sub-site!

So if you want your parent site MasterPage to be used by your sub-sites as well, you can turn on the Publishing Infrastructure Feature [Turn on from Site Collection Features and then Site Features]..

After turning on this feature -> In Site Settings -> Under Look and Feel -> Master Page : This will give you an option to use the same MasterPage from parent site for your sub-sites, below is an image:
MasterPage Settings

You need to check Reset all subsites to inherit this master page setting

I hope this helps

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Arh.. I can't do that, because as you said, the content needs to differ. Thanks! – Morten Hagh Jan 14 '13 at 8:35

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