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I want to build search criteria by using SPQuery object that searches a list. On application page, there are two textbox Controls, 2 combobox Controls and 2 people picker Controls. The search criteria is based on user input. Users will use any or all of these Control values to search records. I could not find an efficient way to solve this issue. I need some good links or suggestion to solve this.

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I don't know how to dynamic query using CAML..

but u can do using linq query.

for eg.

var query = from SPListItem objItem in objSPList.Items
                        where onvert.ToString(objItem["Status"]).Equals("Completed")
                        && Convert.ToString(objItem["ItemType"]).Equals("Current")
                        select new
                            ID = Convert.ToString(objItem["ID"]),
                            Title = Convert.ToString(objItem["Title"]),
                            Status = Convert.ToString(objItem["Status"])

foreach(var oItem in query)

you can put create dynamic query after where clause based on condition.

some links are which helps u..

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CAMLEX.NET is good tool to solve you task.

From documentation: Dynamic filtering conditions

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