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I have a custom SharePoint 2007 document library which has a custom boolean column "Is it Important".

It works perfectly for all documents if I upload documents one by one regardless of if its a word file or a picture file ".png or .jpg" as I can see property and can even access it through code.

Now if I upload files simultaneously using "multiple files upload" all documents except files with extension .png or .jpg get property "Is it Important". Now I can get value of property but if I try to check if it exists it returns false, wondering if anyone knows what could be the reason.

This is how I am checking custom property,

item.Properties.ContainsKey("Is it Important");

and getting value as

item["Is it Important"]
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As stated problem was with

 item.Properties.ContainsKey("Is it Important");

I couldn't find out what caused this weird behaviour but I find a work around which is going through each SPField and check if my field exists or not using title.

private bool IsFieldThere(string ColumnName, SPListItem item)
    SPFieldCollection fieldCollection = item.Fields;

    foreach (SPField field in fieldCollection)
        if (field.Title == ColumnName)
            return true;

    return false;

I used title as I know it will change but you can use internal name to be on safe side.

Hope it helps.

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