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So this is the situation: my customer wants to have a web service catalog in an Enterprise Wiki. Per service we need to store fields like: - service name - description - goal - status - version Moreover each service has one or more operations and per operation we need to store - name - goal - logic - input and out parameters. Customer wants to have a predefined layout in which he can fill the information mentioned above. I was thinking about creating a custom page layout based on the OOB Enterprise Wiki page layout. Moreover I could create a custom content type based on the OOB Enterprise Wiki Page content type. In terms of content types I might need a content type for the service definition itself containing fields such a service name, description etc. Besides I might need a content type representing a service operation. My questions so far are: - Of course I can provide the basic page-layout but it does not provide any suitable template for this scenario. End user has to create its own layout (including tables for service operations) which is error prone. - Let say if I have to content types (Service, ServiceOperation). As far as I know only one content type can be connected to one page layout? Is that correct? - How can I display repeating content types in a page layout for instance in a table? - What would be a good solution for this scenario?

Thanks in advance!

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