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If I want to add the site mailbox feature on the site collection i get this:

The feature being activated is a Site scoped feature which has a dependency on a Farm scoped feature which has not been activated. Please activate the following feature before trying again: Site Mailboxes 3a11d8ef-641e-4c79-b4d9-be3b17f9607c

And if I connect to outlook in the documents library, it only synchronizes my account. I want all outlook accounts to be synchronized.

Situation: I see SharePoint documents under SharePoint lists in outlook. but not everyone can see the list.

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Can someone help me, I find it difficult? – bawo Jan 4 '13 at 10:18
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You need to activate the CollaborationMailboxFarm Farm level feature. Here is PowerShell:

$feature = Get-SPFeature CollaborationMailboxFarm -Farm -ErrorAction Ignore

if($feature -eq $NULL)
    Write-Host "Enabling Site Mailboxes for Farm"
    Enable-SPFeature CollaborationMailboxFarm
    Write-Host "Site Mailboxes already enabled for Farm"

And then configure the site where you want to use site mailboxes feature:

Enable-SPFeature "CollaborationMailbox" -Url $url

See more Configure site mailboxes in SharePoint Server 2013

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yes I did and now I get this:

Your SharePoint Server configuration is not supported Your organization's SharePoint Server configuration is not supported. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

Correlation ID: 38f6f49b-23d7-903f-1e78-04e99cad6245, Error Code 101

Tue Jan 15 2013 08:57:41 GMT+0100 (W. Europe Standard Time)

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I believe Site Mailboxes are only supported with Sharepoint 2013 connected to Exchange 2013.

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