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I have created a custom list. There are different types of columns like single line of text, number, DateTime. I want to submit data in this list using web service from Infopath form. So I have already created XML file and configure data connection within XML Document. But I can't submit date and number in related types of column in SharePoint list.

I hear that we can create the XML file which contains all the connections by using owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={Guid}&View={Guid}&XMLDATA=TRUE. can some one tell me the steps how to create the XML file for connections? How can i write it in XML File?

Any suggestion?

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I succeeded to submit data from one Infopath form into multiple (N) sharepoint lists having followed

Respectively, I added N submit data connections to _http://sharepointserver/_vti_bin/lists.asmx webservice, instead one in article

I did not insert Submit button, as in the article (since it is redundant to already built-in ribbon's Submit button) having used "Submit Options":

  • Perform custom action using Rules To set rules that will run when a user submits the form, on the Data tab, in the Rules group, click Form Submit

having added to Form Submit a rule that "Run these actions:" Submit using a data connection having added the above created N submit data connections to a webservice.

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