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Pagination loses some of it's luster with no knowledge of the total number of results. Is it possible to perform a "row count" with either REST or SOAP (getListItems) without getting back all of the items (eg: a request truncated with $top)?

Ideally you would request /_vti_bin/listData.svc/myList?$top=2 and get back 2 results and a count of the total. Is there any at all to accomplish this is SP2010?

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You can make a REST call like _vti_bin/Listdata.svc/YourList/$count and it should return the number of items in the list.

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That is perfect. It's unfortunate that the total isn't attached to all REST calls d.__count but hey, at the cost of another call as least it's accessible. Thank you very much! – Sinetheta Jan 4 '13 at 17:25
Bonus points if you can tell me where something like this would be documented? Silly me, I thought I'd find an API in the MSDN, but apparently scattering tidbits across the blogosphere is the MS version of developer relations. – Sinetheta Jan 4 '13 at 18:16

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