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I am trying to configure Mysite to SharePoint 2013. I first tried to start User Profile Synchronization Service on my server. In that it shown an error message "No User Profile Application found. Please create a User Profile Application on the farm."

To Create User Profile Service Applcication i browse to Central Administration>>Service Applications>>Manage Service Applications.I tried to create a new User Profile Service Application i had given Name,Application Pool,Profile DB Name,Social DB Name,Sync DB Name and clicked OK. Then it run for a long time and thrown a "Request Timed Out Error".

So, I am not able to configure MySites With out User Profile Service Application Running on my server. Please help me in finding out a solution.


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  • Make sure that Farm Administrator account must be a Local Administrator on the server where the User Profile Synchronization Service will be provisioned.
  • Navigate to Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service Manage Application>> Click on New >> Select

enter image description here

  • Enter Name, Application Pool Name and account

enter image description here

  • Now enter the name of other databases like Social, profile etc. I will leave it by default

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Now start the User profile service by going into Central Admin >> System Service>> Manage Services on the server enter image description here

  • Now start User Profile Synchronization Service by giving the Farm admin credentials

enter image description here

  • Make sure that ForeFront Identity Manager Services (FIM) are correctly configured and started enter image description here
  • Perform an IISReset and go get a coffee cup :)
  • Now, set up the sync connection by going to Manage Service Application > User Profile Service > Configure Synchronization Connection > Create new Connection (Note sync account in this case, dev_spadaccount must be granted the Create Child Objects (permissions) on the OU you are Syncing with. enter image description here
  • Populate the containers and select the required AD's Organization Unit to be Synced. Click on and Start the Full Import.
  • Remove the Farm account from local admins on the box running FIM

Happy SharePointing!

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