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I am trying to send an automatic email when an item is changed and a Option Checkbox Field is selected. The item will be edited multiple times so I want the worflow to trigger that email only once and not every time something is changed. I have tried the example here

However my problem is that I have six workflows intiated when an item is Changed. It works but it seems my Sharepoint Site has slowed down a great deal as there are six workflows in the background.

I deleted 4 of them to see if it made a difference and it did. My sharepoint site is running on a normal speed.

I am trying to send out an automatic email whenever each of the departments complete their portion on the Item and select the checkbox for "Complete".

Thank you for your help.


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Can you merge all the workflows into one? maybe add each workflow function as workflow step of one ? – Renzo Jan 3 '13 at 10:11

Is your main issue getting the email to send once? Or the workflows slowing down your SharePoint?

To ensure the email only sends once why not add a hidden checkbox field called something like "Has email been sent?" Default is No.

The workflow would then need the following steps

  • "Has email been sent?" = No
  • Send email
  • Set "Has email been sent?" to Yes
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