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My goal is to replace a text in a specific column by an icon using only javascript.

function ReplaceTxtbyIcn(targetWP, targetColumn, pat, urlname)
  var table = document.getElementById(targetWP);
  if (table != null)
      var tbody = table.childNodes[0];
      var trs = tbody.childNodes;
      for (var i=1;i<trs.length;i++)
        var tdVal = trs[i].childNodes[targetColumn].outerText;
        if( tdVal == pat)
         $(trs[i].childNodes[targetColumn]).append('<img src="******SomeURL******'+urlname+'.png"  alt="'+pat+'"/>');

For targetWP it should be equal to ctx.listName + "-" + ctx.view My problem here is how to get the ctx for the specific webpart using the id of the webpart. I am on Sharepoint 2007, any help ?

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The following function could be used for retrieving Context Info by Web Part ID

//Retrieve Context Info By WebPartID
function getContextInfo(webPartID)
        //Resolve ViewId from WebPartId
        var strViewId=webPartID.toUpperCase();
        //Retrieve Context Info Number
        var ctxNum=g_ViewIdToViewCounterMap[strViewId]; 
        if (ctxNum==null)
            return null;
        //Retrieve Client Context by Number  
        var ctxT=window["ctx"+ctxNum];
        return ctxT;


//Retrieve Context Info for Latest Documents Web Part 
function loadLatestDocumentsContextInfo()
    var curctx = getContextInfo('{d8e2098c-170d-4114-92f1-95619f716911}');


Note: Web Part ID could be identified on page as specified here

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Tested with SharePoint 2010 only – Vadim Gremyachev Jan 2 '13 at 21:09

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