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We'd like to do away with any pesky additional AAMs, and also not have to worry about extending our web applications more than we need to - our implementation is very straightforward, and having extra wiring on the back end that allows for HTTP traffic seems unnecessary.

We use NTLM under classic-mode over HTTPS 99.9999% of the time for all traffic inside and outside the network.

Can anyone forsee any problems with only allowing https traffic to a particular site?

We'd also like to do away with access from the machine name (http://machineName)


( for the site


( for central admin

Workable alternatives to this are good too. TIA.

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I prefer SSL-only, FQDN-only URLs. It simplifies management and user experience. SSL adds some network traffic overhead, but on today's networks it is fairly insignificant (high latency networks would be the exception).

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