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I tried to add Infopath form on my project, but when I add the Infopath form some of PopUp which are corelated with Infopath and shows errors od data didn't shown What should I do to shown A Modal Popup after used a Infopath form ? Please help.

I putts this code, and nothing shown When Infopath template is included. If its included defoultTemplate Sharepoint all templates are shown:

   if (dzienStart > dzienStop)
               properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelWithRedirectUrl;
               properties.RedirectUrl = "/_layouts/Add4/OutOfRange.aspx";
               properties.ErrorMessage = "You cannot save this list item at this time";
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I cannot grasp what you are asking and in which context ("putts this code") but I shall try to make some comments:

  • Infopath code-behind is client-side code and your code is server-side
  • Published to Sharepoint Infopath form templates are available for use through IPFS - Sharepoint Server Infopath Form Service as an Infopath Web Part in ASPX Infopath Web Part pages;
  • IPFS is available only on enterpse Sharepoint Server or enterprises Sharepoint online (Office 365) plans (but NOT through free Sharepoint Foundation)
  • In order to use both default sharepoint form templates and Infopath from templates in dialog/popups, you should tweak and work around a little
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