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I have a document link item that points to a URL. This item is inside a document library.

Is there a way to make this item open to a new page?

I opened the aspx file it creates, but I am unsure how to modify to insert the target parameter.

<mso:ContentTypeId msdt:dt="string">0x01010A0093C87013D9B24B45AC8476086CC4559F</mso:ContentTypeId>
<mso:IconOverlay msdt:dt="string">||linkoverlay.gif</mso:IconOverlay>
<mso:URL msdt:dt="string"></mso:URL>

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You could always use jQuery to change link behavior, which would look something like this:

 jQuery("#myLinkID a").attr("target","_blank");

Reference: how to put target=“_blank” in jQuery?

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Is the id to be used in the JQuery from the OP 0x01010A0093C87013D9B24B45AC8476086CC4559F? – Rick May 20 '13 at 18:57

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