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I'm coding a c++/c# client-application to communicate with a Sharepoint 2010 site which uses Taxonomy

I have downloaded and installed Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Taxonomy.dll from:

The client user may enter values in a form by selecting values from a dropdown of values collected from a Taxonomy TermSet. In order to fetch the TermSet I must first get a TaxonomySession:

TaxonomySession taxonomySession = TaxonomySession.GetTaxonomySession(clientContext);
    ts => ts.TermStores.Include(
    store => store.Name,
    store => store.Groups.Include(
    group => group.Name))
catch (Exception e)
    string err = e.Message; // Cannot find proxy for type with id "{981cbc68-9edc-4f8d-872f-71146fcbb84f}"

Error message: Cannot find proxy for type with id "{981cbc68-9edc-4f8d-872f-71146fcbb84f}"

I'm uncertain whether the reason is that it is illegal to use Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Taxonomy.dll (Sharepoint 2013) against a Sharepoint 2010 server or whether I'm doing something wrong?

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If you are connecting to Sharepoint 2010, then you need to download the SharePoint SDK for 2010.

This is the reference for the Sharepoint 2010 TaxonomySession Class:

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The client-application is a windows executable running on client computers and must do the job using Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Taxonomy.dll Both your links point to documentation regarding Microsoft.Sharepoint.Taxonomy.dll – Terje Rosenlund Dec 20 '12 at 20:21
...because SharePoint 2010 doesn't support Taxonomy from the CSOM.. – Mike Dec 20 '12 at 21:42

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