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I'm developing timer job for SharePoint 2010. I was able to deploy it on my local machine but when I was trying to execute timer job I get strange error message:

Job definition SP2010.CopyDocsJob, id 7a0e9bbe-90f1-441f-8e8a-3b918b440436 has no online instance for service SP2010.Features.CopyDocsTimerJob.CopyDocsTimerJobEventReceiver+JobService, id 67649b18-5a00-4420-84fb-cfe7bf90ceeb, ignoring

How to fix this issue? How to make this timer job works?

PS: After deploy I have restarted SP Timer Job service so assembly has been loaded into system.

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Please Post your code, Have you created proper instances for Timer Job ? –  Akarsh Gupta Dec 12 '14 at 7:58

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