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I am facing an issue regarding the authentication in SP 2010. The scenario is below:

WindowsTokenLifetime, FormsTokenLifetime and ServiceTokenLifetime are set to 365 days.

  1. Login with the user on the site
  2. FedAuth is created for 1 year validity.
  3. Don't log out and close the browser and wait for a day or two and open the same browser again. I can find the user is logged in but his rights are not proper.
  4. But I can see the FedAuth key in the browser.

Can anyone help me know what could be the reason??

Thanks in advance

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I found the solution but I am not sure about the problem. I re authenticated the user on every session start for Global.asax file. Any one who find this kind of issue can look at this solution to create Global.asax file doitwithsharepoint.blogspot.dk/2011/02/… –  user705831 Dec 21 '12 at 10:07
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