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I have a SP 2010 custom workflow built using Visual Studio 2010. The workflow specifies an association URL like this

     Name="WF Name"
     Description="WF Description"

When adding this workflow to a list in the site collection root site everything works as expected. However, when I want to add the same workflow to a list in a sub-site of the site collection (E.g. /subsite) then when clicking on the 'Next' button the url /subsite/Company/WorkflowForms/WorkflowAssociationForm.aspx is requested (note the leading /subsite) which does not exist (only /Company/WorkflowForms/WorkflowAssociationForm.aspx exists).

Does the workflow WSP need to be installed explicitly for the sub-site, or is there some configuration setting that will make this scenario succeed?

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The solution is to place the WorkflowAssociationForm.aspx page into the LAYOUTS folder (~/_layouts/Company/WorkflowForms/WorkflowAssociationForm.aspx). The path to the master page might also need to be adjusted in this case.

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