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Ok - I am new to sharepoint so no previous knowledge of problems and troubleshooting for the product. I have implemented a shared outlook calendar. Very little on forums and blogs but it is possible. I have created a calendar app (list) selected Sharepoint Calendar instead of an Outlook Calendar (was receiving errors for certificates here). I am able to connect back to outlook and here I am able to see my calendar. I am able to share the calendar with others within my contact list (granting them permission in SP to the list first of all). This is ok - click on view shared calendar and it opens my new calendar in Outlook. The problem is if I opt to go to the published calendar (SP Calendar) I am taken to the calendar page. I opened permission to Everyone from AD to view this list list so when the user opens the Calendar SP generates a personal SP Calendar for the individual - instead of seeing my shared calendar. They may view this also by adding me by searching AD. So - it works. What I need it to do is open to the shared calendar by default. Does anyone have a solution?

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