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I have written my own custom CSS

how do i control image header.jpg depending on the screen resolution . It gets skewed for different resolutions ..


/* display our custom header background */ .ms-main { background: white url('Header.jpg') no-repeat left top; }

/* make the top bar and the bar behind nav transparent */ .ms-globalbreadcrumb, .ms-globalTitleArea, .ms-bannerContainer { background-image: none !important; background-color: transparent !important; }

/* increas the hiehgt of the header area */ .ms-globalTitleArea { height: 100px; }

/* hide the site title and site icon */ img, .ms-sitetitle { display: none; }

/* hide the bottom border on the top bar */ { border:0px transparent none !important; }

/* advanced search color */ .ms-globalTitleArea .ms-sblink a:link, .ms-globalTitleArea .ms-sblink a:visited, .ms-globalTitleArea a:hover { color: white; }

/* fix for firefox top bar */ { white-space:nowrap; }

high resolution pic I can see the whole picture(1280 X 800) low resolution pic I can just part of the picture ( 600 X 800) if you can help with this that would be great

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If you can show me with a screen shot what you are trying to do, I can help.

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Try this for starters .ms-main { background:#012BA4 url('Header.jpg') no-repeat right top; } If this changes any other colours such as the main body, set that to #ffffff. – Anonymous Sep 9 '10 at 19:55

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