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I have a basic site site definition I am attempting to provision with a custom SPWebProvisioningProvider. I have the following attributes set in the webtemp xml file

ProvisionAssembly="{assembly name}, Version={version number}, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken={public key token}"

This is using the VS2010 site template project, with the custom provisioning provider defined in the same assembly as the site definition xml files. I can move it to another assembly (and did for a while), but it doesn't seem warranted in this case.

Everything works fine when I put actual values for what I have in {}, but with the version number of the assembly auto revisioning the version number is different each build.

Is there a way to pull the version number from the assembly and auto-populate it in the webtemp xml file?

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try Visual Studio 2010 Replaceable Parameters:

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That worked great -- thanks. – David Culp Sep 8 '10 at 18:18

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