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How can I change the column in a SharePoint list that has the link to the item and the link to the item with edit menu eg:

Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu)

I want to have a different column with the link. I want to do this without any workaround like renaming the Title to the other column that I want and copying the content into it.


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Do you try this solution? In this solution you should modify field declaration on a view through SharePoint Designer.

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That does the trick, thanks –  Carel Dec 7 '12 at 12:08
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  1. Open the AllItems.aspx page for the specific list.
  2. Search for the <ViewFields> tag
  3. List item LinkToItem="TRUE" to whichever column you want the link:

    <FieldRef Name="Attachments"/><br/>
    <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"/><br/>
    <FieldRef Name="linkThisColumn" LinkToItem="TRUE"/><br/>
    <FieldRef Name="data_x0020_column"/><br/>
    <FieldRef Name="Another_x0020_column"/><br/>
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You can use LinkToItem, LinkToItemAllowed and ListItemMenu properties of SPField. If you want field to show link to item's display form you need to set LinkToItem property to true and LinkToItemAllowed property to Allowed. If you want to add context menu to field you need to set ListItemMenu to true.

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