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I have standard publishing site with subsite and list on that subsite. When user enters list, in breadcrumb he sees something like this: [root site title] > [subsite title] but I'd like to show: [root site title] > [subsite title] > [list title]

How I can achieve that?

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You already have a breadcrumb beside the Site Actions button on the top in the ribbon, however you can have a breadcrumb navigation where the Site Name lies as discussed in below article:
Improving the SharePoint breadcrumb navigation

Also, seems to be a duplicate of the question on stackoverflow:
Implementing a breadcrumb into your SharePoint 2010 website?

Extract from answer:

Technet says this Breadcrumb navigation displays a dynamically generated set of links at the top of Web pages, to show users their current position in the site hierarchy. By using SharePoint Designer 2010 or Visual Studio 2010, you can configure the breadcrumb navigation control. For example, you can specify a custom navigation provider, and you can remove breadcrumb navigation from a page layout.

This article discusses creating a custom navigation provider.

This is a control that you can add to sharepoint found on CodePlex (mavention)

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