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I'm working in SharePoint 2010 and have been unable to deploy (or retract) my WSP without causing an IISReset. Here's my situation:

  • The solution contains:

    • Fields
    • One content type
    • A page layout based on the content type
    • A bunch of images that go into the style library
  • There is ZERO code in the solution

  • I've manually edited the manifest.xml

    • Removed the assembly, so nothing would get deployed to the GAC
    • Set ResetWebServer="False" in the Solution tag

Still, every retract or deploy takes down ALL web applications on the server. Is there any way even to restrict it just to one web app? Thanks!

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You say you removed the assembly, yet you say there's zero code in the solution? What assembly did you generate in order to be added to the package? – James Love Sep 7 '10 at 21:18
In VS2010, even if you start with a blank SharePoint solution, it generates a dll for the project and you get a reference to it in the manifest.xml. Since I haven't added any code to the solution, I assume that dll is "empty", for lack of a better word. I removed the assembly reference in the manifest.xml. – Anonymous Sep 7 '10 at 21:55

Are you using Visual Studio's Deploy function?

If you did, this could be why, as it does a full retract/deploy with reset and the works.

if you want a more granular approach just use the Package function and deploy/retract manually using PowerShell (or stsadm if you are totally retro;-)

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Good question. I'm packaging up the WSP and using powershell commands to deploy. But it does the same thing even if I deploy through Central Admin. – Anonymous Sep 7 '10 at 21:50

You can try a sandbox solution and setting the "Include Assembly in Package" property to false to avoid deploying a .dll.

Try this post

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"Include Assembly in Package" has no effect on whether IIS resets, I have found. :( And I can't use a sandbox solution for my case. – Anonymous Sep 7 '10 at 22:27

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