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We would like to develop a Shopping Cart application on SharePoint 2010, any pointers?

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I would highly recommend msdn as a start for ecommerce:

Introducing SharePoint Commerce Services

also look into what they already have for you setup and weather its the right thing for you using webparts:

Commerce Server Web Parts

as someone on msdn has noted:

SharePoint doesn't have eCommerce capabilities you will need to develop the Shopping Cart functionality in ASP.NET, use a 3rd party component or use Microsoft Commerce server

That being said you have thoes choices:

third party shopping cart at $89

How to build a no code shopping cart with SharePoint 2010 – Part 1: Background

Open source commerce:


also there is another question asked simmilar to this ;)

Best Practice for Shopping-Cart like functionality in SharePoint

hope it helps :)

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Free Templates/Solutions:
Step by Step Shopping Cart - 2 Parts
Best Practice for Shopping-Cart like functionality in SharePoint

Third Party
Shopping Cart for SharePoint 2010.
Creating a simple shopping cart in SharePoint
SharePoint eCommerce
SharePoint solutions for Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management

Besides all of these, please read the below Question:
how to create shopping cart application in sharepoint?

I completely agree to that, SharePoint may not be the proper selection for building such solution, you should go for ASP.NET Application instead!

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