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I'm in the process of replacing a menu using Jquery and a sharepoint list. But the problem i have is where to place my js menu script the master page. I tried disabling the asp: menu and the content place holders by setting visible to false and the place my div with the new menu just before the first content place holder. But i discover that any time i try and hover the menu.The hover kind of get blocked and it doesn't show. What do i need to take off and where should my js menu be place..

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jQuery isn't a bad way to override the menu on selected pages, but I wouldn't use it to render the navigation globally. Instead I would look to replace or supplement the existing navigation provider.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any resources you can forward me to regarding what you suggested for sharepoint 2010? I'll try out the xmlProvider – Patrick Sep 8 '10 at 12:00

I am planning on building the same functionality that is changing the top nav menu using Jquery and Web Service. I have built the css and jquery and put it in to the master page but as of now hard coding the ul and li values. I want to make it dynamically generated from a SP List. Can you throw some light on it or share some of your js code.

Thanks, MAC

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