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I am working on a new SharePoint project (new to SP overall) and a requirement is to "publish" documents on the intranet, across different sites, to a desired location on an extranet. The intranet is set up as 1 site collection with multiple sites under it. I was told that I could use content deployment for this, but I don't see how because they are both on the same server. I also read that there is an out of the box solution, but you can only move files within the same site collection. Currently I know a little C#, but am not even sure where to put custom code. Is there a workflow that I can create to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance! Cathy

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Cathy, your documents are spread in the site collections and sites right, they are not on a single place? and when you say Publish, it means someone will be manually Publishing the documents or is their a workflow? And what is the extranet location? is it a SharePoint server or ftp folder or any other? – Arsalan Adam Khatri Dec 2 '12 at 14:07

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