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I want to create ConfigurationList which should store/display information like, with 2 columns(Title & Value).

For Example:

ContentTypes: 101;107

Event Types: Add;Update;Delete

Location: http.://./Lists/MyTempList1;http.://./Lists/TaskList

Value: *****

How should I create this & where to write all the stuff ? It should be in the ContentType or using EventReceiver ?

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For clarification....

is the question about:

  1. how to create a list?
  2. how to automatically put data( Content Types, Event Types, Location and Value) into the list?
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Yes theodor.johannesen. How to create it & how to automatically put data ? – Shahid Nov 28 '12 at 3:32
Hi Shahid. Creation of a list, with the right columns is a trivial process. That you can "google". Here is one example... Relating to gathering the table metadata, can be solved programatically, by tracercing all SPFarm --> SPSite --> SPWeb --> SPList object, and checking on content types, event receivers etc. The code could be executed within a so called "SharePoint Feature", or in a sharepoint consol application. – theodor.johannesen Nov 30 '12 at 13:26

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