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Salvete! Where can I find the Data View Web Part in Sharepoint Enterprise 2010?

I can't see anywhere to enable it as a feature, and it doesn't show up in any of the web-part lists. I understand it is also called XSLT List View.

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plases follow these instructions to get it ;)

  1. Open your SharePoint Page and in Site Actions select ->Edit in SharePoint Designer.

  2. Now select a zone on teh Page where you want to add your Dataview weboart.

  3. Next, click on Insert tab -> click on Data View.

  4. In the drop-down of Data view menu click on “Empty Data view” . This will now insert an Empty Data view in your selected zone.

  5. Next click on “click here to select datasource” to select the datasource or list.

  6. Select the list\library you want to display the data from.

  7. Next drag and drop the columns in the dataview webpart from the right hand column list (for the list\library you selected).

another step by step guide with images:

You need sharepoint designer or do it from code ;)

hope it helps :)

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Ah! I was always trying to insert a web-part! It is called data view web part but isn't listed with the web-parts! Got it! Thank you for the nice answer. – bgmCoder Nov 24 '12 at 1:11

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