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I have this situation: a simple list with a workflow to collect data from user.

Then on the Approval Tasks list I added another workflow to send an email to the user with the link to start the above workflow.

So when I insert an item on the first list another item is created in the Approval Tasks and this causes the Send Mail workflow to activate while the Collect Data workflow is pending.

Both workflows are activated on item creation, no item change, no manual start.

The problem is that, after 30 minutes, the system automatically inserts another item on the Approval Tasks and this causes the restart of the workflow and blocks the old wf preventing the user to complete it with the link provided by the first mail and I dont understand why...

Please help, thanks

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Do you have a pause in your workflow? The timer job will restart it after about 30 minutes. – Hugh Wood Nov 22 '12 at 12:04
The only pause is the Collect Data from user for output on a workflow variable. Also the workflow is restarted only once exactly after 35 minutes. In that case how can I prevent the wf from restarting? – petauro Nov 22 '12 at 12:39
The only workaround I used was with sending out an email. Some sort of delay would have to occur so the timer job doesn't think it's crashed. I don't have a 2007 environment at the moment, only 2010 and 2013. – Hugh Wood Nov 22 '12 at 13:06
do you mean to put a delay on the collect data workflow?? – petauro Nov 22 '12 at 13:12
That wouldn't make sense to do, I'm going to do some research, see how you can tell the Timer Job the workflow hasn't just crashed. Also do you have a lot of workflows running? Maybe a throttling issue? – Hugh Wood Nov 22 '12 at 13:14

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