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After uploading a workbook to a newly created PowerPivot Gallery, attempting to open the uploaded workbook displays:

Access Denied You do not have permissions to open this file in the browser.

I am logged in as a Site Collection Administrator and have verified that Excel Services are running with File Access Method - Impersonation, Connection Encryption - Not required, Allow Cross Domain Access - true.

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Of note, this also appears to affect standard Document Libraries - opening the included "Excel Services Sample Workbook" produces the same error. – lukiffer Nov 15 '12 at 0:36
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After a fair amount of digging, turns out that the Excel Services Application Trusted File Locations only included the default

Location = http://
LocationType = Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

We're running this particular web application over SSL, and needed to add an additional location:

Location = https://
LocationType = Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

Silly details.

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