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We have a requirement to remove the menu “Connect To Outlook ” from the “Actions” . If anyone has come across such requirement please guide me on this. i dont wanna do it via DefaultTemplates.ascx coz it will be effected across server.

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Please help !! :) – Nikhil Jangle Aug 31 '10 at 12:31

You can use the Toolbar Manager from here:

It gives you granular control of all of the SharePoint Toolbar per list.

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The ideal solution would be to disable it using a SharePoint Feature with a HideCustomAction element. But I tried this a few years back with no luck - hiding this action was not possible this way. We ended up patching the core.js file to get rid of it. But beware that this is an ugly work-around that service packs and CU's might overwrite again. I have not tried the HideCustomAction with SP2 - maybe it is possible now to do it right?

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